-   Over 10 million in Produced, Scripted and Directed content in the last 24 months

-   Locations including

Hong Kong | Vancouver | Toronto | Montreal | Ottawa

-   Original Content | Service Production | Viral Ads

-   VFX | MoGraph | Post Supervision Services



A creative upbringing filled with storytelling propelled Nate Estabrooks to film at an early age. After graduating from the prestigious Canadian Film Centre, this heralded writer/director made his feature debut - the micro-indie comedy MANGIACAKE which was released in April 2015 and went on to praise as a "hilariously real comedy" and "perverted ethnic comedy", garnering a theatrical run as well as TV distribution.


Nate continues to explore and invent.

Production on a 360VR webseries SAMUEL ECTOLINI'S SPIRITWORLD began in May 2017.


Other lauded titles include - co-writer of 2012 bravoFACT, THE SIDESTEP GOOSESTEP, as well as co-story editor of award winning EyeSteel Films documentary, BUZKASHI.


An international, award-winning producer and content creator, Michael is an accomplished arts & entertainment professional with close to three decades of wide-ranging experience in launching and managing a variety of media projects. From modest web series to multimillion dollar productions, Michael has a knack for bringing together talented teams, delivering high-quality projects, and developing trusted and durable relationships with colleagues, talent and stakeholders.

Most recently, Michael was the National Director of Business Affairs for Telefilm Canada, successfully managing the $100 Million Canadian Feature Film Fund.



With over 13 years of experience in the TV production industry, Kristel
is Film and TV Tax Credit specialist with a career spanning budgets from large drama series to short content videos.


Kristel's development and business affairs experience aids the creative phase of any project through financial structures and broadcaster negotiations. Her balanced approach to creative and financial aspects of TV media production is sought after.

Born in France, Kristel maintains a strong association to the European media market. 



With 15 years of experience and creative acumen Ben brings a wealth of insight to any production.


A director, producer, and cinematographer across narrative features,  live multi-cam shoots, viral ads and doc series,  Ben's calm leadership brings cast and crew together in service of the story at hand.


Ben's debut feature film as a director, the international drama "8 Minutes Ahead" premieres at the 2017 Whistler Film Festival and will hit screens in Vancouver, Toronto, and Hong Kong in the coming months.

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